Taste the flavors of sahara

Origin Story
Coffee beans cultivated across Africa
Every bag makes a difference
We support the Women & Children of Africa


"This coffee was beyond amazing. I always expect to get OKAY coffee online, but this coffee beat my expectations. They were wonderful and the beans I received smelled amazing and fresh too. I made myself a vanilla latte and the coffee had a wonderful taste. Perfect for me!"

Michael S.

"I was a loyal Starbucks coffee drinker until I was introduced to Sahara Beans. For the price you pay and the story behind the people they help, it’s definitely worth it. The packaging is smart to have with the air tight seal and one way valve. Always fresh and tastes delicious."

Angela G.

This is some of the best coffee I’ve ever had. Easily as good or better than the fancy coffee I’ve been getting from my local hipster coffee joint, but a lot cheaper. Definitely going to be buying this again...Delicious👌.


This coffee is really good! It has a great flavor and is so smooth. I’m very big on supporting companies that have a cause and the story behind this brand is worth sharing and supporting. 

Sarah R.

I love that the coffee is freshly roasted in California! I also live in California and really appreciate good coffee and coming across a company that really cares. I hope they open a coffee shop near me soon!!

Cody T.