Rwanda Beans

Our coffee originates in the country of a Thousand hills, Rwanda. The region has a landscape characterized by high mountains with very steep slopes that flow into valleys, forests and volcanos. The Altitude varies between 1,800m ad 2,200m above sea level, the average annual temperature is 18°C which varies with altitude. The coffee variety grown in this area is Arabica, processed using lean water from natural springs of the Nyungwe forest and dried by the sun on raised drying tables. Our coffee beans products a luscious aroma, flavor and taste as a result of the combined effect of Agro-Ecological conditions in which our coffees are grown and practices that emphasize on top quality processing.

Ethiopia Beans

Known to be the birthplace of coffee (Ethiopia), this uniquely washed and handpicked Yirgacheffe Halu Beriti was Specially prepared in the woreda (District) of tore our single origin Ethiopian coffee beans are internationally known as some of the world’s finest coffee beans. Ethiopia’s high-Altitude micro regions (1,880M to 1,919 above sea level.) Contribute to the key note flavors of Halu Bertiti beans. The average annual temperature is 15°C/60°F which vary with altitude. Experience the taste of Africa with Sahara beans coffee.