We believe in giving back. When you purchase any of our products one dollar from each transaction goes towards a local nonprofit. Additionally, we believe in giving back to the hard working women in Eastern Congo, Uganda, and Rwanda who harvest the beans in order to provide education for their children and health insurance for their entire households. We partner with Children's Voice, a non-profit based in Eastern DR Congo, providing shelter and education to women and children victim of rape and war violence.  The coffee processed in these areas is known as “women coffee,’’ due the fact that women contribute to the majority of the value chain. Women’s Coffee Alliance, a partner of our company, has mandate to ensure that Women are empowered in the coffee community to achieve sustainable lives and confirm the participation of women in coffee value chain.


Adja - After working in the brewery industry for several years and understanding the complex need for organic vanilla beans, Adja went to Africa in order to  source the high quality of organic vanilla beans to supply companies such as Modern Times, Beach wood BBQ, The Bruery, Creature Comfort Brewery…. And many more. After speaking with many of the CEO’s it was very clear America was become more health conscious. In 2016 American drank 88.8 gallons of coffee and only 33.5 gallons of bottled water. This was a problem to Adja and realized there were no healthy alterative to main stream coffee brands what offer non organic or fair trade coffee which wasn’t contaminated by pesticide. After studying to coffee industry it was very clear that high end coffee was drastically overpriced and only available to high income earners. This is when the idea to create an ultra-premium coffee which focused on quality, the freshness and high quality roast. 

Mohamed - A coffee lover working in finance always had a passion of doing something positive to impact the world. After meeting Adja at a charity event in Los Angeles, they discussed the demand and need to a high quality coffee that was accessible to the everyday person. With Mohamed’s Entreprenioual background and MBA from Pepperdine University, they were able to develop a business model that focused on sourcing its coffee straight from the farmers to insure a lower cost for the consumer but also higher income to the hard working farms. The goal was to maintain the highest quality and pass on the middle man benefit to the farmer and consumer by lowering the cost of coffee. A business model which they call “Farm to Cup.”